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  • A feral cat is a wild animal that is of the same species as a domesticated cat. These cats are often the offspring of unaltered runaway cats or strays. They will not like humans unless they are socialized with us as kittens.
  • Feral cats live in forests, apartment complexes, and restaurant parking lots. Basically, they go where they can get food.
  • Feral cats are carnivores, but they often end up eating garbage.
  • There are an estimated 60 million to 120 million feral cats within the U.S. alone.
  • After age 6 months, cats can produce 3 litters of kittens per year (the gestation period is about 65 days). These litters have about two to four kittens in them on average. Unfortunately, only a small amount of feral kittens survive.
  • Feral cats in managed colonies are approximately as healthy and live as long as their indoor counterparts.
  • There is a colony of 10,000 feral cats in Florida.
  • Every winter, feral cats' ears run the chance of breaking off.

If any of these facts alarm you, do something about it! Check out the other links on this website for problems that feral cats are encountering and what you can do to help!