He is Franz Kafka!
(A Rock Opera about Kafka)

He is Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka!
Be careful if you get him pissed
Franz! Franz Kafka!
He'll smite you with metaphor fists!
Writing all he can, he's just a man
A warrior of words taking a stand
He is Franz Kafka!
Spoken: Oh look, but there he is, what will he say?

I'm a lonely German a lonely German from Prague!
Kafka! Kafka! Kafka!

I don't know what's wrong with me I think I'm turning into a bug
I see double what I see I think I'm turning into a bug
I ain't got no self-esteem I think I'm turning into a bug
Bet you fifty dollars I'm a man, I'm a scholar and I'm turning into a bug
Momma like a daddy like a baby like a baby like I'll turn into a bug
Yeah! Yeah!
He is Franz Kafka!

Living like a bug ain't easy
My old clothes don't seem to fit me
I got little tiny bug feet
I don't really know what bugs eat
Don't want no one stepping on me
Now I'm sympathizing with fleas
Living like a bug ain't easy

Welcome to heaven Franz! My name is God! I think you're going to like it here!

Right now he can
He's just a man
A warrior of words
Taking a stand
He grew up very poor
He's steel, it's to the core
Born in 1883 died in 1924
He is Franz Kafka!


--"Taken," which sounds so much nicer than stolen, which really isn't fair because that sounds so much worse than pirated, remember, piracy is distinct from theft despite the insistence of the RIAA and the MPAA, not that piracy is lawful, but let's call a spade a spade...but I digress, taken from Home Movies.

Also, pictures and quoted lyrics come from: homemovies.toonzone.net/DirectorsCut.html.