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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics



Name Title Office Phone Number Email
George Androulakis Associate Professor LeConte 400J 777-7539
Courtney Baber Senior Instructor LeConte 300F 777-7508
Matthew Ballard Assistant Professor LeConte 317M 777-7529
Brandy Barnette Instructor LeConte 307
Peter G. Binev Professor LeConte 425 777-6269
Francisco Blanco-Silva Instructor LeConte 314D 777-0283
Neil Bornstein Instructor LeConte 400F
Matthew Boylan Graduate Director, Professor LeConte 402 777-7542
Ann Clifton Instructor LeConte 400G
Joshua Cooper Professor LeConte 317I 777-7514
Éva Czabarka Associate Professor LeConte 420 777-7524
Wolfgang Dahmen SmartState Endowed Chair in Data Analysis, Simulation, Imaging and Visualization LC 317H / SUM 206F 803-576-5630 / 803-576-6349
Geoffrey Dillon Instructor LeConte 314B
Stephen Dilworth Professor LeConte 300J 777-7459
Daniel B. Dix Associate Professor LeConte 400E 777-7525
Alexander Duncan Assistant Professor LeConte 300D 777 9487
Scott Dunn Instructor LeConte 314C
Michael Filaseta Professor LeConte 317D 777-7464
Stephen Gagola Instructor LeConte 314E
Debra Geddings Clinical Associate Professor LeConte 317E 777-3184
Maria Girardi Professor LeConte 309C 777-7487
Jerrold Griggs Carolina Distinguished Professor LeConte 306 777-6764
John Hardwick Instructor LeConte 400D
LaRita B Hipp Instructor LeConte 309A 777-7477
Ralph Howard Professor LeConte 304 777-7471
Lili Ju Professor LeConte 424 777-5797
Jesse Kass Assistant Professor LeConte 317J 777-7520
Andrew Kustin Professor LeConte 300B 777-7446
Xinfeng Liu Associate Professor LeConte 317Q 776-5849
Linyuan Lu Professor LeConte 400I 514-5822
George McNulty Professor LeConte 302 777-7469
Douglas Meade Associate Professor LeConte 317L 777-1334, 777-6183
Matthew Miller Undergraduate Director, Professor LeConte 300I 777-7455
Peter Nyikos Professor LeConte 406 777-5134
Pencho Petrushev IMI Director, Professor LeConte 427 777-6686
Ronda Sanders Senior Instructor LeConte 300G 777-7449
Anton R. Schep Chair, Professor LeConte 317F 777-6190
Yi Sun Associate Professor LeConte 423 777-7636
Laszlo Szekely Professor LeConte 305 777-6262
Vladimir Temlyakov Carolina Distinguished Professor LeConte 317P 777-6456
Frank Thorne Associate Professor LeConte 317O 777-7527
Ognian Trifonov Associate Professor LeConte 308 777-3882
Paula Vasquez Assistant Professor LeConte 313D 777-2632
Adela Vraciu Assistant Chair, Professor LeConte 300C 777-4757
Zhu Wang Assistant Professor LeConte 422 576-5985
Hong Wang Professor LeConte 421 777-4321
Qi Wang College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor LeConte 313C Sumwalt 103 777-6268
Xian Wu Associate Professor LeConte 400B 777-4714
Xiaofeng Yang Associate Professor LeConte 317C 777-3776
Sean Yee Assistant Professor Wardlaw Hall 257, LeConte 317K 803-777-6884


Name Title Office Phone Number Email
Alexandru Atim Part-Time Instructor LeConte 404 777-2354
Melissa Atkins Part-Time Instructor LeConte 309B
Elena Boguslavsky Part-Time Instructor LeConte 403 777-3254
Ann Clifton OYT Instructor Leconte 400G
Jen Crooks-Monastra Part-Time Instructor LeConte 123A 777-7441
Stephen Derochers OYT Instructor LeConte 400H
Bruce Jones Part-Time Instructor LeConte 314B 777-7441
Kathy Kustin Part-Time Instructor LeConte 403 777-3254
Michael Lane Part-Time Instructor LeConte 309B

Post Doc / Visitor

Name Title Office Phone Number Email
Patrick McFaddin Visiting Assistant Professor LeConte 300E
Huai Zhang Visitor LeConte 418D
Jia Zhao Postdoctoral Fellow LeConte 313A


Name Title Office Phone Number Email
Colin Bennett Distinguished Professor Emeritus LeConte 400C 777-8034
Ronald DeVore Robert L. Sumwalt Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Thomas Markham Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Konstantin Oskolkov Distinguished Professor Emeritus LeConte 309D 777-8133
Mary Ellen O`Leary Senior Instructor LeConte 300D
James Roberts Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Robert Sharpley Distinguished Professor Emeritus Sumwalt 206J 777-6436
Robert Stephenson Distinguished Professor Emeritus LeConte 404 777-3254
Manfred Stoll Distinguished Professor Emeritus LeConte 309D
David Sumner Distinguished Professor Emeritus


Name Title Office Phone Number Email
Don Jordan Professor Sumwalt 323 777-7007