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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics


Chair of the Committee of Tenured Faculty: McNulty

Chair of the Committee of Tenured Full Professors: Howard

Colloquium Committee: Nyikos (Mathematics), Petrushev (IMI)

Computational Math Committee: Wang, Howard, Ju, Sharpley

Computer Committee: Wang, Dix, Ju, Moore (ex-officio)

Executive Committee: Griggs, Meade, Miller, Schep (all ex-officio)

Facilities: McNulty, Griggs (ex-officio)

Faculty Advisory Council: Schep, Androulakis, Kustin, Petrushev, Trifonov

Faculty Mentors: Dilworth (Ju), Filaseta (Boylan, Yu), Girardi (Czabarka, Vraciu), Székély (Lu), Kustin (Cooper), Sharpley (Binev, Lane, Karaivanov, Zheng)

Financial Mathematics Committee: Wang, Dilworth

Graduate Advisory Council: Miller, Androulakis, Howard, Ju, Petrushev, Trifonov, (Student member)

Graduate Student Teaching Course Coordinator: O'Leary

High School Mathematics Contest Committee: Murphy, Czabarka, Lu, Sumner, Trifonov, Vraciu, Wu

Hiring Committee: Bennett, Boston, Howard, Boylan, Dilworth

IMI Search Committee: Temlyakov, Boston, Székély (ex-officio)

IMI Executive Committee: Bennett (1/15/07), Sharpley (1/15/07), Temlyakov (1/15/07), Boston, Wang, Griggs (ex-officio), Székély (ex-officio)

IMI Research Report Series and Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Research Reports: Ju

Library Committee: Wu

MAA Liaison: Sumner

MAA Project Crafty: Geddings, O'Leary

MCM Coach: Ju

MTCP Committee: Schep, Meade, Griggs (ex-officio), Habing (Stat), Tebbs (Stat), Edwards (ex-officio)

Math Education Committee: Geddings, Meade, O'Leary, Vraciu

Newsletter/ P.R. Committee: Stephenson

Peer Review of Teaching Committees:

  • F1: not needed this year
  • F2: Kustin, Miller, Petrushev (Stoll, spring, to review Kustin)
  • T: McNulty, Dix, Meade
  • PI: Geddings, O'Leary

Pi Mu Epsilon advisors: Girardi, Boylan, Sanders

Post-Tenure Review Committee: Androulakis (2008), Girardi (2007), Sumner (2008), Temlyakov (2008) [replaced by Kustin this year], Wang (2007)

Practice AP Calculus Test: O'Leary

Putnam Exam Coaches: Filaseta, Sumner

SIAM Faculty Advisor: Ju

Textbook Committee for Service Courses (Math 111, 115, 122, 170, 141-241, 242): Schep, Meade, O'Leary

Undergraduate Advisors:

  • Freshmen Majors - Murphy
  • Upper Division Majors - Meade, Boylan, Cooper (SCHC), Czabarka (MathEd), Dilworth, Dix, Lu , McNulty (SCHC), Nyikos, Sumner (SCHC), Székély, Vraciu (Math Ed), Wang, Wu

Undergraduate Advisory Council: Meade, Dix, Lu, McNulty, Sumner

Website Committee: Cooper, Murphy (webmaster), Czabarka (IMI), Minna (ex-officio)

College of Arts and Sciences Committees

Academic Planning Council: Bennett (2008)

Academic Grievance Committee: Wu (2008)

Bioinformatics Hiring Committee: Székély

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee: Meade

Computer Advisory Committee: Meade (Chair, Science & Mathematics Subcommittee)

Executive Committee for IT and Computing Laboratories: Meade

Student Academic Responsibility Committee: Kustin (2008)

University Committees

Bioinformatics FEI Hiring Committee: Griggs

Computational Nanoscience FEI Hiring Committee: Székély

Curriculum & Courses Subcommittee of Faculty Senate: Miller (except fall)

Faculty Senators: Bennett (2007), Lu (2009), Miller (2009), Trifonov (2008)

Fellowships and Scholar Programs Advisory Committee: Meade

Goldwater Scholarship Committee: Meade (Chair)

Graduate Council: Trifonov

Scholarship & Financial Aid Committee: O'Leary

University Committee on Tenure and Promotion: Temlyakov



Preston Residential College Associates: GirardiMurphy

Preston College Interim Principal: Miller (fall)

Honors College Policy Council: O'Leary

On Sabbatical or Other Leave

  • Fall: Stoll
  • All year: Brenner, Filaseta, Oskolkov, Sung, Yu
  • Spring: Girardi