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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics


Chair of the Committee of Tenured Faculty: Brenner

Chair of the Committee of Tenured Full Professors: Kustin

Colloquium Committee: Howard (Mathematics), Oskolkov (IMI)

Computer Committee: Filaseta, Dix, Oskolkov, Wang, Moore (ex-officio)

Liaison to College Computer Committee: Filaseta

Ethics Committee: Stoll

Executive committee: Stoll, Johnson, Meade, Schep

Faculty Advisory Committee. Elected: Griggs, Androulakis, Sharpley. Appointed: Kustin, Sung, Stoll (ex-officio)

Faculty Senators: Dix (2004), Dilworth (2003 — replaced by Székely during 2001-2002), Ghomi (2003), Petrushev (2002)

Graduate Director: Schep

Graduate Advisory Council: Schep, Dix, Griggs, Howard, Trifonov

High School Mathematics Contest Committee: Murphy, Filaseta, Sumner, Trifonov, Sung

Hiring Committee: Miller, Temlyakov, Trifonov

IMI Executive Committee: Bennett, Brenner, DeVore (ex-officio), Griggs, Stoll (ex-officio), Temlyakov

Library Committee: Wu (Fall), Kossowski (Spring)

MAA Liaison: Sumner

Math Education Committee: Miller, Hudson, O’Leary, Dickey, Johnson (ex-officio), Schep (ex-officio)

Newsletter/ P.R. Committee: Sumner (Editor)

Peer Review of Teaching Committees: F1: Filaseta, Székely, Temlyakov F2: Howard, McNulty, Petrushev T: Stephenson, Hudson, Wu

Physical Facilities Committee: Bennett (Fall), Kossowski (Spring), Androulakis, Becker, Johnson (ex-officio), Temlyakov

Pi Mu Epsilon advisors: Wu, Ghomi

Post-Tenure Review Committee: Miller (2002), Oskolkov (2003), Sharpley (2003), Sumner (2002), Sung (2003)

Practice AP Calculus Test: O’Leary

Self-Study Committee: McNulty, DeVore, Johnson, Schep, Stoll

Textbook Committee (for Math < 300): O’Leary, Harley, Johnson (ex-officio), Sperry, Wu

Undergraduate Director: Meade

Undergraduate Advisors: Meade, Androulakis, Dix, Filaseta, Ghomi, Harley, Hudson, Johnson, Petrushev, Sperry, Sumner, Stoll, Székely, Trifonov, Wang

Undergraduate Advisory Council: Meade, Becker, O’Leary, Petrushev, Schep (ex officio), Sumner, Székely

World Wide Web Coordinator: Murphy


University Committees 

  • President Search Committee: DeVore
  • University T&P Committee: Griggs 
  • University Graduate Council: Sharpley


On Sabbatical or Other Leave

  • Both semesters: Dilworth, Ford, Girardi, and Roberts
  • Fall semester: Kossowski and Nyikos
  • Spring semester: Stephenson